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The best spots of the island

Welcome to the sun-kissed island of Ibiza, known for its vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches. In this article, we will take you on a tour of the best beaches that this stunning Mediterranean destination has to offer.

Ibiza is blessed with a diverse coastline that boasts pristine white sands, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Whether you’re a sun-worshipper looking for a tranquil escape or a thrill-seeker seeking water sports adventures, Ibiza has a beach to suit your tastes.


Best for spiritualists

Zen-seekers often settle on this northern slice of sand. On Sundays, crowds gather for sunset and a tribal drumming session, when fires are lit and souls are stirred. The more secular escape to the nearby boho-chic market for a different kind of therapy.

Cala Carbó

Best for long, lazy days

Translucent water and pebbles in shades of fawn, oyster and cinnamon form the foundations of this idyllic inlet on the south-west coast, but it’s the unpretentious vibe that keeps locals coming back. Take a good book and lounge on sunbeds plumped up with mattresses under rakish raffia parasols, then sit down to pans of mouthwatering paella and ice-cold rosé – there’s no rush here.

Cala Olivera

Best for unspoilt sunbathing

Kept relatively hush-hush thanks to its location close to the gated community of Roca Llisa, Cala Olivera is one of those scarce Ibiza gems – a beach that’s never overcrowded. To reach it requires a drive down a dusty camino so you’ll need a car, but once there you’re met by a sticker-sized cove of golden sand ensconced in emerald water and contorted rocks that cry out to be used as a makeshift bed for the day.

Cala Mastella

Best for seafood

This tiny coastal nook is home to El Bigotes, where rumour has it the King of Spain was once turned away because he hadn’t reserved a table. Come here at lunchtime to feast on freshly caught grilled fish, and remember, even royals need to book ahead.

Sol d’en Serra

Best for moonlight suppers

Beaches that sing as vociferously at night as they do by day are rare, but Sol d’en Serra is an exception – this secluded, shingly cove becomes even more enchanting at twilight. Soak up its subtle alchemy at Amante, a restaurant etched into the illuminated, towering cliffs. Here, time seeps away as you gaze out at an inky-black sea that shimmers like a silver-crested blanket, lost completely in the dancing light of lunar legerdemain.

Cala Xarraca

Best for snorkelling

A sheltered bay surrounded by rickety paths and pine forest; on hot days immersing yourself beneath the irridescent topaz water is bliss. Explore the subaquatic world before setting off in search of naturally-occurring mud baths that lie to the right of the main beach.

Pou des Lleó

Best for serenity in high season

This stunning little bay is a favourite with locals yet remains an undiscovered secret outside in-the-know regulars. Even in high season it emanates a certain stillness, while always exuding an erstwhile charm thanks to the typical wooden fishermen’s huts that surround it.

Punta Galera

Best for sunset

No sand here – ‘punta galera’ means ‘flat rocks’ – but still thought of by islanders as one of the best beaches in Ibiza for its spiritual vibe, fun daytime cliff-jumping, and sensational sunset views. The towering cliffs glow burnt ochre as day draws to a close, and they provide perfect viewing platforms for admiring a multicoloured sky. Sun salutations at dusk are common, so bring a yoga mat for some open-air downward-dogging.

Cala Conta & Cala Bassa

Best beaches by boat

Neighbouring bays Conta and Bassa are two of Ibiza’s most celebrated beaches, and rightly so – the water here is gin-clear with a pale aqua glow, and the sand is fine and white. Arrive by boat, past little islets dotted along the coastline. They’re good beaches for those without a car – and for those who like a party crowd; the easy access from San Antonio (across the Bay on a ferry) makes them extremely popular in high season, so go early to avoid the crowds and stay til sunset.