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Discovering Menorca

The ultimate guide

El Rais Menorca
El Rais is the most Mediterranean proposal of the Ses Forquilles Group. It is so because of its
unbeatable location in the port of Mahón, and because of its gastronomic concept, with a traditional
and exquisite cuisine and a seasonal menu that brings out the best flavours of the land and the sea.
Located in the Port of Ciutadella, this restaurant is known for its delicious seafood dishes, made with
the freshest ingredients from the Mediterranean Sea. S’amarador has a beautiful outdoor terrace that
overlooks the sea, creating a relaxing and romantic atmosphere for diners. Booking a table at
S’amarador will guarantee a memorable dining experience, with excellent food, stunning views, and
impeccable service.
Isabella Beach Club
Isabella has become one of the most popular beach clubs in the island. Located in Fornells, its
beautiful views make it an idyllic place to watch the sunset while you can either have dinner or enjoy
its wide range of cocktails.
Sa Punta
You can find this restaurant in Port d’Es Castell, offering unique views and an exclusive culinary
experience of mediterranean food. The island’s local quality products and their good service is what
makes this place so appealing.
Bambú Menorca
At Bambú Menorca they have multiple spaces: the restaurant, the terrace & sunset bar, or the Zen
Garden. The terrace’s spectacular sea views make it a great place to either have a drink or enjoy a
wonderful dinner. The Zen Garden offers a more informal experience, with street food, balinese beds,
music and cocktails.
Jardí de Ses Bruixes: Brunch&Spa
This Hotel Boutique located in the centre of Mahón offers either breakfast, brunch or dinner in its
beautiful courtyard. Its spa is also worth visiting if you want to get some rest, relax and take diverse
wellness treatments.>

The best beaches

Son Bou
This is the largest beach of Menorca, as it runs for almost 3km. Its clean and crystalline waters contrast
with the white sand of the beach, and its easy car access makes it one of the most visited beaches of
the island.
Cala Macarelleta
Cala Macarelleta is a secluded and picturesque beach with crystal-clear turquoise waters and a
backdrop of pine trees. It is the smaller sister beach of Cala Macarella and is known for its intimate
and relaxed atmosphere. This beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying the stunning
Cala Pregonda
Cala Pregonda is a unique and secluded beach with reddish sand and turquoise waters. It is
surrounded by rocky cliffs and is accessible by a scenic hiking trail. Cala Pregonda is a popular spot
for snorkeling and swimming, with its clear waters and unique underwater landscape. It is a perfect
spot for those looking to escape the crowds and experience the natural beauty of Menorca.

Plan and activities

Faro de Favàrixt
This lighthouse is one of the most visited in the island. From it, you will be able to appreciate a
spectacular sunset or watch the moonrise in sight of two of the most enjoyable beaches in the
northern area of Menorca: Cala Presili and Cala Tortuga.
Cales Fonts night market
In the summer months, every evening, this fishing port has an artisan market where you can buy craft,
clothes and jewellery. There’s many restaurants in the port, so you can enjoy a nice dinner before
wandering around the stalls.
Monte Toro
The top of this mountain is the highest point in Menorca, situated 358 metres above sea level. Visit
it on a day when the sky is clear and wait for the sun to set; you will be able to appreciate an
astonishing 360º island view and maybe even see the island of Mallorca from the distance.
Lazareto Festival
This event is held in the island of Lazareto, a historical fortress which is only accessible by boat. If
your visit to Menorca matches any of the dates of this festival, we recommend that you don’t miss it,
since numerous artists perform on it during different nights. This music festival also has an important
gastronomic offer, counting with menus elaborated by Michelin star chefs.
Visit Binibeca Vell
Binibeca Vell is a small, white and enchanting town located in the southern coast of the island. As
wander around its narrow streets, you will see how the town is so special that it looks like it comes
straight out of a fairy tale.

Night Life

Tifanny´s Menorca
This restaurant’s terrace (Restaurante El Grill), located near the island’s airport, has a night club named
Tiffany’s with disco sessions during most nights of the month of August and some of July. If you like
drinking&dancing, a night at Tiffany’s is a safe guarantee that your night will be memorable.
Iguana Port
Located in the port of Ciudadela, Iguana has both a night club on the ground floor and a terrace on
the top floor where they serve drinks and cocktails, allowing you to have two different types of
Cova d’en Xoroi
Cova d’en Xoroi is a cave located in a cliff in the southern coast of the island. You can visit it during
the day to have a drink and appreciate the incredible views, go during one of its sunset sessions while
listening to a live music show or visit it at night where the cave becomes the most iconic disco of the