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Our Courchevel Guide

Winter destinations

Courchevel is considered the most famous ski resort in the world and is part of the World’s largest ski area, The Three Valleys.  Check out our guide to Courchevel below to discover an incredible and characterful place.

Courchevel springs into action with the first rays of the new dawn. In the pure blue sky, the morning sun lights up the jagged peaks of the Aiguille du Fruit. The crisp chill in the air makes your cheeks glow as you step out of the chalet, wrapped up and ready to go. The resort is slowly waking up, and the hustle and bustle soon begins amid the snow-capped palaces. Their architecture is inspired by the traditional wooden chalets of these valleys. In the early morning haze it can feel like you’ve wandered into some alpine fairytale village.

The hardiest souls are already queuing up to catch the first lift. It’s hard to resist a moment of nostalgia when you remember the cheerful colours of the “egg” cable car replaced just a few years ago. Soaring above the treetops, the lift drops you off at the summit of La Saulire, over 2700 metres above sea level. At the top you’re greeted by an astonishing collection of contemporary artwork. Half hidden by the snow: Courchevel is always full of surprises, and every year the mountains are scattered with pop-up exhibitions in unusual locations. Up here the panorama is magnificent, from Mont Blanc in the north to the Ecrins in the south.

Food & Drink in Courchevel

Another great magnet for tourists is the food strip in Courchevel. It ranges from traditional dishes to contemporary masterpieces that leave your palate and stomach satiated. Just to make the most out of your visit we have compiled a list that features the best restaurants in Courchevel that need to be visited once in your life!

  • Bagatelle Courchevel: Bagatelle Courchevel is a restaurant situated in a winter wonderland with extravagant flavors, Mediterranean dishes, a beautiful view, lovely drinks & so much more! Additionally, the scenic views will take your breath away!
  • Le Chalet de Pierres: Le Chalet de Pierres is a cozy restaurant located in a renovated chalet! The restaurant used to be the train station of Maurienne but was later morphed into a winter wonderland restaurant.
  • L’aventure Courchevel: L’Aventure Courchevel is a restaurant that will help you experience a date full of charm and warmth in a unique atmosphere! You can enjoy the sunny terrace here for a nice lunch and a drink. In addition, during the evening this restaurant becomes a nightclub with cozy music. You see people just vibing and enjoying life as it is.
  • La Mangeoire Courchevel: La Mangeoire Courchevel is a restaurant combined piano bar. The atmosphere is calm and soothing. Plus, a date here is really peaceful. Just you, your tantalizing food, and your loving company. However, at midnight this hotspot literally turns into a club! Music, drinks, and dance. It becomes the perfect attraction for revelers who like to party in style!
  • Le Chabichou: In the heart of Courchevel, you’ll find a cozy retreat called Le Chabichou! The hotel is known for its beautiful location on the slopes and its culinary excellence. Moreover, it is a perfect resort for families because it has large family rooms and Courchevel has fun activities for all ages!
  • La Folie Douce Courchevel: La Folie Douce Courchevel is also called the king of après-ski! If you want the very best après-ski, we definitely recommend taking a look here. Because this is the place where you have crazy fun, live music, and serious table stampei. Moreover, the atmosphere here is like no other and your party night will certainly start in style. And end with a bang!
  • La Ferme Saint-Amour: La Ferme Saint-Amour is a historic farmhouse that is located in the very heart of the city. The warm decor coupled with the orange hues makes it a perfect place to dine in the cold winter

Where to stay in Courchevel

Our chalets in Courchevel are hidden in the blind bends of winding mountain roads. You can ski right up to the door. In Courchevel 1550 and Le Praz, traditional façades with openwork balconies overlook the immaculate slopes. In Courchevel 1850, chalets take on spectacular dimensions and the façades are fitted with large bay windows. Inside, the panelled walls and stone fireplaces are tinted with touches of designer flair and modern conveniences. In a contemporary dining room, you gather around a huge raw wood table with a plunging view over the valley.

A Courchevel chalet rental also puts relaxation and wellness at the centre of life in the Alps. Relax in a bubbling outside Jacuzzi looking onto the mountain peaks. Or dive into a heated indoor swimming pool by the soft mountain lamplights.